Choosing Live VS. Fun Games

Fun games are available at all online casinos and allow you to try and practice different games that you may not be familiar with before engaging in a real money competition. They help prepare you for live, real money games.

It is much easier to play in a fun game and practice than attempting to learn the game with real money. One important aspect to note is the payout is the same in fun games as it is in real money games replicating an actual competition. Many new to the casino environment believe players try to entice others by boosting returns in fun mode. However, this rumor is not true.

There are four general steps to beginning a fun mode game including:

  • Download and install the online casino to your computer
  • Launch the application
  • Create a free account for practice credits only
  • Sign-in and enter the free play, practice, fun mode, etc. area

Real money games allow you to enter into various competitions at the casino and contend for real money. This means when you win you are winning real money. However, when you lose the real money that you have deposited will be deducted from your account. Typically online casinos have much higher payouts than land-based because they do not have the same overhead such as utilities, lease payments, property taxes, etc.

It is not uncommon to play in an online game with payouts of around 95 percent which is much better than those offered by land-based establishments which usually offer in the upper 80’s to low 90’s percent. Therefore, it is more profitable to play at an online casino compared with a land-based.

There are six general steps to playing in real money mode including:

  • Download and install the software
  • Launch the application
  • Create a real-money account (this still allows you to play in fun mode)
  • Sign-in to the real money area
  • Click to the cashier area
  • Make a real money deposit using one of the many options
  • Once the deposit is cleared you can begin playing instantly

Depending on your skill level at a specific game, either mode of play is beneficial. Practice or fun mode allows you to play at your leisure in a stress-free environment. On the other hand, real money play allows you to win actual money and potentially make a living from online gambling. As a newcomer, it is always beneficial to utilize the fun mode as often as possible until you are comfortable with real money play.