An Interesting Video Slot Game

Online gaming developer and innovator, Microgaming, created the Quest for Beer slot game in May of 2008. Upon release, the game immediately became a big hit in the slot game community. The title alone is intriguing to any online slot game player. The slot game features five reels with 25 total pay lines. The graphics are animated with excellent sound effect features for each round.

The Viking Era Theme

The theme of Quest for Beer originates from the Viking era with tales of giants and golden beer. The wild symbol in the game is a beer tankard. This helps you acquire a payout for those reels that are missing one symbol. Additionally, there are free spins when you hit the correct combination. The scatter symbol is represented by a beer wench.

The Bonus Rounds

Additionally, there are bonus features such as double payouts and ten free spins. To enter the bonus round, you must hit the beer tankard on two, three, and four at the same time. Also, there is a re-trigger function that adds to the free spin bonus. To get an additional payout during the bonus round you must hit three beer wench symbols.

Another interesting bonus round is the ax-throwing competition. The goal is for the player to throw axes at beer kegs. If stuck correctly, earnings of 40 times will be awarded to the player. Furthermore, there is the option of double, triple, and quadruple the winnings. For instance, a player can earn 25,000 coins and double it to 50,000 coins on the free spin round. A bonus of 5,000 coins is offered in the keg round.

The Perfect Game For The Male Audience

This game has everything to satisfy the male audience: beer, women, and ax throwing. Overall the game is fun and easy to play. It is a great place for new players to begin their slot gaming careers. Since Microgaming has such a huge presence in the online gaming industry, this game is offered at almost all casinos that utilize Microgaming software.

Since the game’s inception, Microgaming has created numerous online slot games with updated features, promotions, graphics, bonuses, and other innovative ideas. Many online slot games were modeled after Quest for Beer as they introduced new features not seen before in a slot game. This game will live on due to its interesting theme, fun gameplay, and basic features.